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The effects of kitchen turnover over the next few years...

If the turnover rates in restaurants continue to be as high as they have been for the past 10 years, the restaurant industry as we know it will never be as it used to be.

People will not take cooking as a career and we will have an even worse shortage of cooks in every state in the country. Good cooks will turn to institutionalized and corporate restaurants for a better quality of life. Mom and pop restaurants will go under financially, chain and fast-food restaurants will thrive, and our food culture will be further and further away from where it used to be.

Minimum wage will continue to rise, restaurant owners will need to pay even higher wages because people are not motivated by the trade any longer and it becomes a mechanical job. And the way restaurants will recover these expenses is by charging more for food. Margins are so small as it is in restaurants that there is no cushion for loss.

We must make a change, the 100-year-old system of creating mechanically run kitchens where obedient cooks do specific jobs with tyrant managers is long in the past. Top Chefs of the word running systems and processes that run these extraordinary kitchens are few and far between. Chefcentives is the way of the future for the rest of the world.

I do not believe that outings, prizes, and cash bonuses are the solution. That just adds more financial stress to the financial problem. There is a lot more to humans than just that. Corporate America thinks it's black and white and want to throw artificial intelligence and money at all the problems through pay increases and bonuses.

The solution is not simple, and it won't be easy, but Chefcentives is prepared to fight this battle for all the restaurants in the country and the millions of people that will benefit both on a healthy level but also a nationwide economic level.

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