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The ChefCentives Program

ChefCentives is hyper-focused on the issue of staff turnover, and how its reduction can save you thousands from your bottom line every year.


Our program uses strategies to help with hiring, training, motivating, and retaining your staff.

We use quantitative methods and testing techniques through positions and employee analytics to strategically develop a more sustainable work environment.

With ChefCentives the position dictates the pay rate, and the technical knowledge and practical skills of the employee dictate the position.


"We incentivize the staff through benchmarking, which in turn creates intrinsic motivation. This will allow a cook to grow to a Chef's position at a much faster rate, with skills accomplished along the way. Culture is improved and sustainability is found amongst your staff."

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We create benchmarks with clearly defined roles attached to pay increases. 


Graded employees create a hierarchy. The hierarchy is attached to a colored ranking system: 

white, blue, purple, brown and black relative to the cooks in the kitchen and the degree of difficulty on the stations.


The weekly staff schedule includes the stations with benchmarked colors, the names of the cooks, and associated hierarchy in the kitchen.


This represents their progress, along with peer recognition of their achievements when they move to the next benchmark. This recognition is a major intrinsic motivating factor and builds the culture of the kitchen together with the self-esteem of the chefs.


These achievements come along with small pay increases in recognition, but this is not the main motivating factor​ for the chefs.

These standardized benchmarks will also translate in restaurants across the industry from five star to fast food dining.  


"Key Performance Indicators are measured by an employee's retention, performance, satisfaction, and engagement. Attainment of these KPIs will result in an immediate return on the bottom line of the restaurant."

1. We will begin with a free call to learn about your business and introduce you to how the program may benefit you. You can see some example case studies of restaurants we have worked with here.


2. If we are a good fit, we will schedule a zoom session to go more in-depth to learn about the type of restaurant you have, the issues you face with turnover, and to discuss your budget and current staffing.

3. From this conversation, we will create a proposal for your review so that on-boarding can begin to quickly turn around your business.

From our consultation, we will generate a coaching and program proposal for your business.


Are you ready to reduce your turnover?

Begin by scheduling a free call.

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