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About ChefCentives


ChefCentives grew out of necessity when founder Chef Americo Mintegui became a New York Times 3 Star chef and began running kitchens at several restaurants throughout his career.

He saw the problems of staff turnover and the associated hidden costs of not addressing it. He created the business model for himself, saw the results, and now wants to help other restaurants succeed profitably and create a new generation of skilled and self-motivated cooks and chefs.

Our back-of-house system focuses on employee retention and was created to keep your cooks happy and well-paid on your terms, not theirs.

We want to help restaurant owners and executive chefs to become profitable in one of the most easy to implement but revolutionary ways possible.

Implementing ChefCentives will increase employee retention and create a culture that people want to work in and stay for years.

In return, chefs will be trained faster and acquire more accomplished skills, a predictable steady career path, and make better money earlier in their careers.  In the long-term, ChefCentives will boost the amount of qualified cooks available for the industry. 


Win-Win for all involved.


The fact of the matter is that we don’t have enough cooks for the restaurant revitalization in this country. ChefCentives will be a major contributor to supplying cooks and chefs for this restaurant-happy country where we spend more money dining out than on groceries.

About Chef Americo

Americo learned his trade at the NY Restaurant School and trained in the top European kitchens of NYC, working at countless 3 and 4 star restaurants including Bouley, Danube, Lespinasse, March, and L’Absinthe amongst many others.


His career has taken him through tours of South America, France, and Holland, including having worked a season at the acclaimed El Bulli in Spain and several Michelin restaurants in Germany.

Americo Mintegui prides himself on the fact that he was a working cook until he was 30 years old, without ever being a Sous Chef or Executive Chef, in order to become the best cook he could ever be. Mintegui later received 3 Stars from the NY Times within a year of his first Executive Chef job.


ChefCentives has been developed over the last 10 years and has been implemented in Americo's kitchens and clients’ kitchens. Americo's turnover rate is nearly zero, food costs are 34% in a 3 star restaurant environment, and his payroll is 34% of budget, even with hours of operation that should reflect much more than that.

Mintegui is an expert on food, people and restaurants.  ChefCentives is now available to a wider audience.

Are you ready for change?

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