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Tired of Losing Your Best Cooks?



What is ChefCentives?

ChefCentives is a modern kitchen management system designed to address staff retention through controlled payroll costs and a sustainable work environment for employees.

Kitchen Facts

Any restaurant owner knows that holding onto margins is hard. How about increasing those margins by reducing hidden costs associated with turnover? Here's the facts:

People are the greatest asset

payroll is the biggest expense

turnover rates

average 80%

There ARE 5,000 culinary school graduates per year

In the next 10 years, there will be 1.6M new restaurant jobs created

A shortage of skilled chefs in every city in the U.S.

Long hours, low pay rates and an undefined career path are some of the biggest contributors to turnover. 

With nothing changing, this ever-shrinking restaurant labor pool demands a more evolved employee approach, together with a pay structure that works with a restaurant's current budget.

 A new approach to chef hiring, training, motivation  and pay restructuring is here. ChefCentives.

How and Why It Works...

We work with restaurants with a top-down approach beginning with your budget and allocation of resources to staff payroll. Based on this, we implement a training program with defined goals. 


About ChefCentives

Created by three-star chef Americo Mintegui, who has worked at el Bulli, Bouley, and Lespinasse to name but a few, Chefcentives merges Mintegui’s managerial skills with his passion for the restaurant business


He recognized the difficulty of hiring, training, incentivizing, and retaining chefs for his kitchens so he developed a program that has saved thousands of dollars in his budget on a recurring basis.  This program shares this expertise and builds profitability and staff culture in your restaurant.

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